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Weekday teams up with The Fabricant on digital collectibles

By Rachel Douglass


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Artifact 001. Image: Weekday

High street retailer Weekday has taken further steps into the digital realm with the launch of two digital collectibles in collaboration with digital fashion house The Fabricant.

The duo will be releasing a pair of sunglasses in two colourways as part of a limited-edition drop entitled Artifact 001, each available in both digital and physical iterations, the latter of which will be sold via Weekday’s e-commerce platform.

The drop, officially launching June 13, consists of 300 pieces of digital collectibles and a one-of-a-kind pair of sunglasses in black and white.

In a release, Alice Shulman, design lead, creative initiatives and co-labs at Weekday, said: “The design inspiration comes from stalactites and stalagmites; the mineral formations that take thousands of years to take shape.

“It’s an exciting clash to bring something extremely old and organic into a digital layer we’ve only just started to scratch. I mean who knows, a digital collectible might outlast your average stalactite…”

It builds on previous explorations of virtual reality fashion by Weekday, yet marks the first time the retailer will offer digital collectibles.

Weekday’s managing director, Kim Holm, said: “To become the youth destination of the future we have to be progressive but also entertaining.

“We want to collaborate with forward thinkers and find innovative ways to engage with our community. In a Weekday way of course. I believe this is a great example of that, amazing sunnies.”

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