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WFH and stay at home tips during quarantine from top influencers

By Aileen Yu


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With so much uncertainty and negativity due to the impact of the current global battle against Covid-19, top fashion and lifestyle influencers have decided to use their social platforms to encourage followers with positive messages. From sharing tips on how to stay motivated and productive while working from home (WFH) to bone broth recipes to boost immunity, read on for motivational tips during quarantine by a New York Times bestselling author and a few Forbes listed digital entrepreneurs.

Chiara Ferragni-Boost your morale through music and playing dress up

As always, Milan-based digital entrepreneur, Chiara Ferragni (#1 on Forbes Top Fashion Influencer 2017), is leading the pack by using her voice for good during this time of crisis. Not only has Ferragni and her musician husband, Fedez (Federico Lucia), together raised more than 3 million euros within 24 hours (now more than 4 million euros) to assist the intensive care unit at the San Raffaele Hospital, she is keeping her spirits up by singing on her balcony. Every evening, at 6 pm, Ferragni and Fedez sing his hits, spin an improvised DJ set and they’ve even hosted a virtual concert with Andrea Bocelli for her 19 million followers. The couple and their young son changed out of their sweats and dressed up in black-tie attire for the special at-home occasion to boost morale.

Tia Taylor-6 WFH tips to stay productive and positive

American vlogger living in Milan, Tia Taylor has been documenting her daily life in Italy during lockdown. She tries to give her followers the most unbiased and objective view into what life has been like in quarantine and her tips on staying productive and sane while working from home.

WFH tips during quarantine:

  • Get up, get ready, get dressed-Have coffee/tea, brush your teeth, moisturize skin and hair. Sounds simple enough, but at times like this, it’s easy to stay in bed. Don’t!
  • Straighten and spruce up your home office to keep your headspace in order.
  • Stay productive-Keep busy and keep creating as a therapeutic outlet by spending the time on something you love and usually don’t have time to do.
  • Acquire new skills and better yourself for life after isolation.
  • Don’t lose focus on your goals-Still set your goals for your jobs, force yourself to keep going forward.
  • Limit the time spent on news-It’s important to keep up with updates, but to reduce panic and anxiety, do your own independent online research. Follow news sources that are known to be transparent and unbiased.

Negin Mirsalehi-Switch up your #stayathome schedule

Based in Amsterdam and the founder of Gisou Hair, Negin Marsalehi is a Forbes 30 Under 30 influencer using her platform to spread positive messages during the Covid-19 crisis. Besides stressing the importance of social distancing and staying at home, Mirsalehi is encouraging her community to switch up their work-from-home routine. Breaking up your day from work is just as important. The influencer suggests making time for the following: beauty, food, chill and activity-such as putting on salsa music and dancing along. Now is also the perfect time to put self-care at the top of your to-do list.

Marianna Hewitt-Morning routine for calmness and support local businesses

Los Angeles-based beauty influencer, Marianna Hewitt is sticking to a routine to kick off her mornings at home. Sticking to a routine helps to align her mindset in a calm way and not feed into all the anxiety. Hewitt suggests to drink water after waking up, make your bed, meditate then shower. She has also posted in her IG stories, there hasn't been a better time than now to support local small businesses. This action can help boost one's spirit, knowing that you're still contributing to the local economy while staying at home.

Feel better by supporting local small businesses:

  • Stock up on product
  • Post a positive review
  • Share your favorite products and brands through word of mouth (and don’t forget to tag them!)
  • Pay it forward by purchasing products for your friends and family

Masha Astor-Stay motivated with an easy home workout routine

Never one to shy away from expressing her opinion, Berlin-based influencer, Masha Sedgwick (now Astor), has been extremely vocal on her Instagram account about the effects of the coronavirus outbreak in Germany. Astor keeps telling her 222,000 followers to stay at home and one great way to do that-especially when the sun is shining-is to stick to an easy home workout routine. Not only can it help you stay in shape now that most of us are working from home, but there will also be no excuses not to work out after normalcy returns. Astor has been practicing home workouts since 2017 and suggests throwing on our best sportswear outfit first and then trying one of her #homeworkourroutine that requires absolutely no equipment.

Aimee Song-Create a book list and whip up anti-inflammatory/bone broth to boost immunity

Now that most of us are staying at home, cooking healthy meals three times a day while limiting grocery shopping outings may be a noticeable lifestyle change. Aimee Song, who has also been listed on the Forbes 30 under 30 in 2016 and now a New York Times bestselling author does not only suggest making a reading list, but also shared recipes on Instagram and YouTube on how to make anti-inflammatory/bone broth to boost immunity. According to Song, the best thing about making bone broth is that it’s easy to reheat and you can store it in batches in the freezer. During these stressful times, you can pair the bone broth with rice and fish or add it to sauteed vegetables for an immediate immunity boost.

Photos: courtesy of Chiara Ferragni Collection, screenshot of Negin Mirsalehi's website, courtesy of Revolve, courtesy of Masha Sedgwick
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