What is next in fashion wholesale

Buying Show is a two-sided digital wholesale network for brands and retailers. It allows brands and retailers to discover and connect with each other, transact digitally and bring more efficiency to their business. Brands can bring their products online by creating their digital showrooms and providing access to the retailers with whom they want to do business. With a huge network of retailers already available, Buying Show empowers brands to expand into new markets and find new business partners. For retailers, Buying Show acts as a free-of-charge and easy-to-use solution to manage their whole buying process. Retailers can buy digitally and save unnecessary travelling and communication costs.

Buying Show is a response to the changing industry landscape. While there have been huge advancements and technology improvements in the consumer retail space, the wholesale retail space has stayed fairly unchanged. Brands and retailers still face the same challenges of scale and efficiency.

Most brands and retailers still rely on processes that are inefficient and expensive. Travelling to trade shows to build networks and do business, relying on samples and a fixed number of ordering cycles per year, having low flexibility in reordering, communicating orders and business terms on Fax, emails or paper and using outdated technology systems are all processes that belong to the past. In contrast, online businesses such as Amazon and Zalando have made the whole consumer retail industry much more efficient and transparent.

Buying Show will transform this rather old-fashioned industry into an efficient digital one and will bring more opportunities to brands and retailers.

In that way, Buying Show does act as a round the year, 24*7 available digital trade show. However, the existing trade shows still bring immense value and will continue to play a major role in the wholesale business. (Buying Show will collaborate with existing trade shows to create innovative concepts, where digitalization will play a huge role.) Touching and feeling for example are still of vital importance. But many successful online B2C businesses have proven that online shopping indeed works and the lack of physical touch is not a major barrier to success. Buying Show works with professional buyers who are more experienced than consumers in online B2C businesses. Buyers will train themselves to make the right buying decisions by using detailed product descriptions, fabric contents, sizing and other information that will be provided at the brand’s digital showroom. Each available style will have many high quality pictures, which will show the look and the fit in great detail. Finally, most brands provide swatches of fabrics, which the retailers can easily request on the Buying Show platform.

What is next in fashion wholesale

Brands want to increase market presence and enter new markets, but they have limited resources. The biggest benefit of using Buying Show is to scale up their business to new markets without making large investments and taking huge risks. Brands can digitise their complete product portfolio and create a customised online showroom which provides a 24*7 access to retailers across the world. They can find and connect with relevant retailers in new markets and make customised collections and offers for them. Brands can manage their whole inventory on the platform which allows them to do inventory transactions. Brands do not need to make any upfront investment to be a part of the Buying Show platform. They pay a small commission amount per transaction, only for new business that is generated on the platform. This significantly reduces the risk factor for the brands.

Retailers want to give their customers more selection but they are bound by several operational issues. Buying Show provides a complete buying management solution. Retailers can make all purchases online, easily place inventory orders, receive exclusive collections and promotions and get invitations from new brands. Retailers do not need time consuming research, expensive travel and long communication cycles anymore. They save a lot of time and money and can instead focus on bringing the best products to their customers. All these services come absolutely free of charge for all retailers.

The objective of Buying Show is to leverage technology and a deep understanding of the wholesale industry to create a platform which will respond to major industry problems. Together, the offline trade shows and new digital platforms will transform the industry in the coming years.

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