What the world wanted to wear in 2017

London - The end of 2017 is nearly upon us and what a year it has been. While some cannot wait to usher in the new year, in the avid hopes it will bring something better for us all, it is undeniable that 2017 did have its moments - especially when it comes to fashion. Although 2017 may not seem like it was a truly unique year in terms of the fashion trends emerging, a closer look shows that 2017 certainly did see its own form of style emerging. But what were some of the biggest trends to surface this year? What were the most wanted, most searched brands that captured consumers attention (and wallets?) Which brands were the most popular?

A fashion review of 2017: Most wanted brands, products and trends

FashionUnited scored global fashion search platform Lyst annual report, which tracked more than 100 million searches from 80 million shoppers from 120 throughout the year, and shares its main highlights with you below in our infographic. From Gucci to fishnet, sneakers to velvet, this infographic reveals what consumers were keen on buying (and wearing) in 2017.

What the world wanted to wear in 2017

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