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What we’ll wear in 2024: 8 key trends from Stitch Fix

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Stitch Fix 2024 Style Forecast Credits: Stitch Fix 2024

In an industry that is forever evolving, trends are as fast-paced as ever before. As the end of the year looms in sight, many companies are looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve. Enter Stitch Fix, whose annual trend report is here to help brands and retailers identify some of the most sought-after-fashion trends for 2024.

Driven by billions of data points, feedback from millions of clients, and the insights of its stylists and trend experts, Stitch Fix's 2024 style forecast shines a light on what has grabbed its clients' widespread attention today and what's poised to become the next big thing among shoppers of all ages - before it becomes mainstream.

8 leading trends that will define 2024, according to Stitch Fix

Briefly looking back at 2023, Stitch Fix noted that it was a year marked by iconic moments in entertainment and fashion. With major cinematic hits such as 'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer,' along with the historic global tours of music heavyweights Taylor Swift and Beyonce emerging, it is evident that these cultural and social events have influenced consumers' style choices. More than half of Stitch Fix's clients (51 percent) reported that their fashion choices were significantly influenced by major sporting events, concert tours, and popular films, with 81 percent concurring that these cultural highlights will persist in molding their fashion preferences in 2024.

Stitch Fix 2024 Style Forecast Credits: Stitch Fix 2024

Stitch Fix stylists noted a remarkable 300 percent increase in requests for bold, 'Barbie-Inspired' ensembles throughout 2023. Additionally, a significant proportion of the platform's clientele, nearly half (47 percent), cited Margot Robbie, the real-life embodiment of Barbie, as their fashion muse. Meanwhile, 44 percent of Stitch Fix's male clients expressed a desire to emulate the sartorial elegance of Ryan Reynolds, according to the trend report. Similarly, nearly one-third of Stitch Fix's clients indicated a desire to tailor their outfits for renowned festivals such as Stagecoach and Coachella.

However, it's not just live events that seem to be shaping future style trends; the digital realm plays a crucial role too. Over 80 percent of the platform's stylists noted that social media significantly influenced the fashion requests they received throughout the year.

Stitch Fix 2024 Style Forecast Credits: Stitch Fix

Another interesting trend reported in 2023 saw many clients from Stitch Fix face a persistent dilemma as social outings increased throughout the year, namely, "What should I wear?" This led to the emergence of a new trend - the fatigue of deciding on outfits, a phenomenon that reflects the current collective style consciousness. According to the annual trends report, more than half of Stitch Fix's clients experienced mental overwhelm or stress when faced with the choice of what to wear.

To help combat this conundrum, Stitch Fix stylists have identified eight key trends for men and women that are set to take center stage in 2024.

Matcha: Stitch Fix's Color of the Year for 2024

Starting with color, Stitch Fix has declared "Matcha" as its Color of the Year for 2024, a vibrant green shade poised to add a distinct yet versatile edge to any wardrobe. Following a 60 percent surge in demand for "green" items, Stitch Fix stylists suggest matching a matcha-colored statement piece with neutral tones to create a well-rounded and balanced color scheme.

Stitch Fix 2024 Style Forecast Credits: Stitch Fix

Wardrobe Essentials

The key to creating any capsule wardrobe, these essential clothing pieces, which are extremely versatile, timeless, and durable, will surge in demand in 2024. Easily mixed and matched for any occasion, these pieces include blazers, knitwear, jeans, and basic tops and usually encapsulate each person's own style and daily dressing needs. According to Stitch Fix stylists, 88 percent of clients stated that this is the trend they are most likely to try in 2024.

Stitch Fix 2024 Style Forecast Credits: Stitch Fix

Book Smart

A clear revival of 1990s preppy fashion with a mature twist, this academic trend is being driven by an increasing number of clients eager to infuse their wardrobes with book-smart-inspired elements in the coming year. Stitch Fix clients indicated a strong preference for plaid designs (55 percent), loafers (46 percent), and varsity jackets (35 percent) as the key preppy items they are most excited about incorporating into their 2024 wardrobes.

Stitch Fix 2024 Style Forecast Credits: Stitch Fix

Everyday Vaycay

With people traveling once more following the end of the global lockdown, Stitch Fix's trend forecast for 2024 anticipates a progression of the "Europecore" trend, which was prevalent this year. With over half of its Women's clients (52 percent) integrating their vacation outfits into their daily wardrobe and 40 percent identifying this as a leading trend they're eager to experiment with in 2024, it's likely that the relaxed, vacation-inspired aesthetic increasingly bleed into everyday fashion.

Stitch Fix 2024 Style Forecast Credits: Stitch Fix

2000s Revival Style

While many millennials will have likely noticed the nostalgic return of early 2000s fashion, in 2024, this trend will become increasingly reimagined for the contemporary scene, according to Stitch Fix stylists. This resurgence is evident by the soaring demand for iconic early aughts pieces. For instance, cargo pants have witnessed a staggering 256 percent increase in client requests, along with a renewed interest in silver jewelry.

Stitch Fix 2024 Style Forecast Credits: Stitch Fix

Texture Play

The year 2024 is set to focus on the art of blending contrasting textures in innovative ways to create new, fun, and playful looks. Notably, 30 percent of Stitch Fix's clients stated they are enthusiastic about experimenting with embroidery, while 27 percent look forward to trying faux leather - with a pairing of the two fully embracing the trend. To help clients navigate this trend skillfully, Stitch Fix created the "Two Texture Technique."

Stitch Fix 2024 Style Forecast Credits: Stitch Fix

Modern Utility

The ideal trend for world travelers, this trend caters to the man who embodies both ruggedness and sophistication. For those keen on embracing this style, essential items include utility jackets, with 32 percent of clients expressing interest in trying them, and commuter pants, which have seen an impressive 670 percent surge in sales, according to Stitch Fix's data.

Stitch Fix 2024 Style Forecast Credits: Stitch Fix


Almost half of Stitch Fix's male clients(46 percent) place the highest value on moisture-wicking capabilities in their performance wear. Based on this preference, Stitch Fix stylists anticipate that 'Sporty-ish' – a trend that merges athletic functionality with fashionable flair, often drawing inspiration from golf, tennis, or pickleball styles – will become a leading trend in men's fashion for 2024.

Stitch Fix 2024 Style Forecast Credits: Stitch Fix
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