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What women want from luxury brands at New York Fashion Week

By Kristopher Fraser

9 Sept 2019


Every season at New York Fashion Week is an exploration in designers trying to figure out what they can get women to buy next. This September, designers have been working on trying to juxtapose comfort with luxury as the overwhelming consensus for what women want is comfortable clothes that still look expensive. FashionUnited spoke with some of the designers at NYFW for insight.

Designer Mark Gong was inspired by the intersection of camping (yes, like going camping in nature) and being campy (yes, like the 2019 Met Gala theme) based on his four years spent at the Midland school in Los Olivos, California. Gong created looks that were for a luxury city girl going camping with looks featuring hand-sewn feathers, beading to mimic dew-drops and rope woven dresses.

Women want more comfort from luxury designers

As women take a more relaxed approach to luxury the gowns he created for spring/summer 2020 didn't hit the floor and had a wider, more cropped silhouette at the hem so women would have an easier time walking. "People want more comfortable, easy-going clothes that are still luxury," Gong said. "Women want clothes that are both comfortable and make them feel confident."

Designer Jeffrey Rudes, CEO of L'Agence, says that women want "easy chic, wearable, and elegant. It's about the woman right now and her essence of looking elegant."

L'Agence's latest collection was inspired by the Meditteranean, and the wardrobe was travel ready. The glamour girl today is often on the go, whether it be jetsetting off to Greece for a vacation or coast-to-coast for her next business meeting, she wants a wardrobe that is both fashionable, and easily packable in her suitcase. Luxury brands are responding to a new era of working women by creating designs that fit home, work, and social life.

Instagram influencer Anique Monae says that in terms of what women want from luxury brands it varies by customer. "It really depends on the woman herself," she said. "If there is such a thing as elegant, boho chic that would be what I'd like. Slightly edgy, urban transitional pieces that are timeless and classic."

For many women nowadays, sex also sells. "Women want luxury brands that make them feel sexy," said Fashion Intellectual Guide editor-in-chief Zoey Monique Cross. "Women want sexier pieces, and that means keeping everyone in mind of all sizes."

The days of just glamorous gowns for size-zero girls being the only thing that makes a luxury brand are gone. Thankfully brands are responding accordingly.

photos 1 -3: Loft Creative Group
photos 4 and 5: Purple PR

Mark Gong