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Whering launches browser extension to curb fashion impulse buying

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

17 Dec 2021


Image: Whering

Whering has launched a free browser extension that will allow users to add images from Instagram and online shopping platforms directly into their digital wardrobe to foster a long-term love for a garment and curb impulse buying.

The ‘Whering Web to Wardrobe’ Chrome browser will mean that while users are shopping or browsing online they can instantly add items to their digital wardrobe, wishlist and moodboard on the Whering app. This adds the digital wardrobe app will help users shop strategically to fill gaps in their wardrobe, while also helping to reduce the habit of unnecessary purchasing.

The new feature will help users “visualise how they can wear certain items before they buy, plan outfits ahead of purchase and gives users a chance to consider the purchase rationally before making it,” explains Whering.

The app has been designed to revolutionise the way consumers shop, style and dress to reduce the carbon footprint left by fashion consumers all over the world. This new feature it hopes will offer consumers an opportunity to decrease their shopping returns, as a Mintel study found that almost half (49 percent) of UK online shoppers had sent something back in the past year.

Whering aims to reduce returns by more than 70 percent by allowing users to try before they buy, using AI to show them what potential buys can unlock in terms of new outfits and styling recommendations to help them maximise utilisation.

Bianca Rangecroft, founder and chief executive of Whering, said in a statement: “We’ve all been there. Buying a new dress impulsively for a work festive party then feeling a pang of regret that you’ve spent money on an outfit you won’t be ‘repeat wearing’.

“Now, when you feel the urge to impulsively buy an item online, you can instantly add it to your wishlist and keep it there for a few weeks - even create outfits with it in your existing wardrobe and plan ahead in the Whering calendar before buying. This is going to really help our Wherers reduce one-time purchasing, general overconsumption and help save money to invest in quality items instead.”