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Wildfox matures style in order to match its targeted audience

By Sara Ehlers


Los Angeles – Wildfox recently underwent a change with their design team. Their new creative director, Andi Sharp, has led the team in order to focus on widening product selection as well as focusing in their customer market.

The new strategy involves appealing to a target audience that is a little more mature than what Wildfox’s current audience. In a sense, the company is attempting to “grow up” alongside with its customers. This is common among fashion brands; as customers grow older it’s only natural that the brands follow suit to appeal to same bracket. Currently, the ideal customer for Wildfox is a local Los Angeles woman who’s in her late 20’s and still goes out. In attempting to match this, Wildfox has changed its color plates to a bit more “adult” as Sharp puts it. “I would say it’s a bit more sophisticated – less pinks and lilacs and more neutrals,” Sharp told WWD. Instead of vibrant, edgy graphics, the designs are a bit subtler. Instead of bright colors, the brand’s theme is more monochromatic.

Although it’s a big change for the brand, it’s no surprise that this would inevitably happen. “When I started here it was under the premise that I was going to grow the Wildfox customer up a bit,” Sharp told WWD. Still, Wildfox is staying true to what the brand ultimately represents: feminine, ethereal, and fairy-like designs. The newest collection still reflects Wildfox’s childish nature, just with a bit more sophistication.

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