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Wilson Sporting Goods debuts premium tennis collection

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Wilson Sporting Goods

Wilson Sporting Goods has revealed a new tennis-inspired collection, releasing almost a year after the brand debuted in the sportswear sector.

The line brings together Wilson’s best-selling looks with new technical pieces, each designed to be high-performing garments for both men and women.

Polo shirts, side skirts, tricot pants, bra tops and tennis shorts are among the items included in the new collection, with select pieces featuring the phrase ‘Wilson Sport Professionals’ – a nod at the US-brand’s athlete-level standard.

“Over the last year we’ve listened to our consumers and know that they want even more functionality and innovation within sportswear, while not compromising on style to perform their best,” said Gordon Devin, general manager and president of Wilson Sportswear, in a release.

Devin said: “We believe this collection does exactly that; celebrating our rich history in the sport of tennis and inspiring the athlete in us all.”

As part of the collection launch, an exclusive issue of Wilson’s magazine, Clay and Felt, will be on offer, featuring stylised imagery of the new line and the brand’s latest equipment.

Limited quantities of the publication will be available as a gift with a purchase in Wilson’s New York and Chicago retail locations, with the contents of the magazine also showcased on its website.