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Wool and the Gang teams up with Climate Revolution

By Danielle Wightman-Stone



British fashion and lifestyle brand Wool and the Gang is teaming up with Vivienne Westwood's Climate Revolution, a campaign founded by the designer to support environmental and human rights issues, on a new collaboration, to raise funds for the organisation.

Wool and the Gang, known for supplying its products ready-made as well as knit kits, has co-designed a beanie, the Crown Hat, with 25 percent of the profits being donated to Cool Earth to support the charity’s work to protect endangered rainforests.

The Crown Hat kit, which comes supplied with all items you need to craft the item yourself is priced 35 pounds, while the ready-made beanie is 85 pounds, both are available via the Wool and the Gang website.

“As a fashion brand in the sustainable space and determined to operate in ways that impact positively on the environment, the missions of both Climate Revolution and Cool Earth are very close to our hearts.” explains Jade Harwood, co-founder of Wool and the Gang. “As a business we have always had a long-term aim to align with not-for-profit causes, NGOs and charities that we can support creatively.”

Vivienne Westwood, founder of Climate Revolution added: “We are committed to educating people about the need to campaign, protest and create alliances to raise awareness of the huge threat climate change presents and to help push it up the agenda of our world leaders.

“We know we can’t do this work on our own, and we welcome Wool and the Gang with open arms to help us with our cause.”

Images: Wool and the Gang

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