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Wrangler launches 100 percent sustainable cotton collection

By Dale Arden Chong


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In its new sustainability program, American jeans brand Wrangler has launched The Rooted Collection, a premium menswear line using 100 percent sustainable cotton.

According to an announcement from the denim company, Wrangler is working with local farmers in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas — which are each known for its cotton industry — to create a limited collection of jeans and T-shirts made from 100 percent sustainable cotton that represent each state. The line uses “farm to fabric” cotton, meaning that each state’s design was grown, milled, cut, and sewn in the U.S. and feature a unique wash, cut, and embellishment.

Additionally, each style can trace its cotton source back to a family farm. All of the family farms used in the collection provide best practices for soil health, reduced water and energy inputs, as well as lower greenhouse gas emissions.

This sustainability initiative is part of Wrangler’s mission to create ethically produced clothing, which also has the company’s aim to have 100 percent sustainable cotton by 2025.

The Rooted Collection ranges from 34 USD to 99 USD and is available on Wrangler’s website.

Images: Courtesy of Wrangler

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