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YNAP pilots digital IDs to boost circularity and traceability

By Huw Hughes


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Yoox Net-A-Porter Group (YNAP) has begun piloting Digital IDs to boost the traceability and circularity of clothing, with plans to roll the technology out across its private label collections from 2021 onwards.

The two pilots are currently running across select items from the latest Mr P collection from Mr Porter and YNAP’s entire collection with The Prince’s Foundation.

The unique Digital IDs are virtual certificates that can be used to record each item’s history. Customers can scan QR codes for each garment to access unique information, content and services, including authenticity, provenance, design information, care instructions and style inspiration.

“Today, when we buy a garment, it is often challenging to reliably keep track of where it was made, what it is made of, and its authenticity. This can make it difficult to care properly for garments over the long-term, to resell them, and even to recycle them,” said Giorgia Roversi, director of sustainability and inclusion at YNAP, in a statement.

“By simply scanning QR codes tailored into each item, customers and partners will be able to access information, engaging content and services related to that individual product.”

Roversi said that, as the company’s Digital ID ecosystem develops, important moments such as if and when the garment has been repaired or resold can be tracked, “opening doors for the garment to start a new beginning with another owner or to be recycled correctly”.

The new Digital ID initiative has been led by the group’s sustainability and R&D teams and is part of the company’s broader sustainability strategy, Infinity, launched in November 2020.

Once the technology is established within its private labels, YNAP said it aims to share its learnings in Digital ID with its brand partners “to open opportunities for customers to access similar information that may help them extend the life of their entire wardrobe”.

Photo credit: YNAP

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