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Yoox Net-a-Porter launches virtual try-on pilot for Mr P.

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Mr P. spring 2024 collection Credits: Yoox Net-a-Porter

Online luxury retail group Yoox Net-a-Porter has launched its first virtual try-on experience for apparel for Mr Porter’s private label for menswear Mr P.

The pilot aims to utilise virtual try-on technology to offer customers a bespoke and seamless way to determine their best size and fit for designs within the Mr P. collection. The technology is being rolled out across 90 styles from Mr P.’s permanent collection on Mr Porter, accounting for 70 percent of the range.

Customers will be able to use the new size simulator tool to create a high-quality 3D avatar that mirrors their own measurements, either through step-by-step guidance or by providing their clothing sizes from their favourite fashion brands. In seconds, they can realistically see how a garment will look on their body, allowing them to visualise their ideal fit and determine whether the product is the right match for them.

Mr P. size simulator Credits: Yoox Net-a-Porter

The hope is that the virtual try-on will help reduce customer returns, as Yoox Net-a-Porter’s customer insights reveal that size and fit are the primary reasons for returns, and it will track the volume of returns during this six-month trial to see if the technology helped.

Alison Loehnis, ad interim chief executive at Yoox Net-a-Porter, said in a statement: “We have been closely following developments in virtual try-on technology for a while, in search of slick and user-friendly functionality. We are excited to launch our tool which we believe is a fantastic and intuitive shopping aid.

“Customers of Mr P. will be able to clearly visualise the look, fit and drape of pieces from a variety of different angles, making the selection process easier than ever.”

The virtual try-on will be piloted internationally in six languages: English, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean and Arabic.

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