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Yusuke Takahashi launches new brand

By Kristopher Fraser


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Yusuke Takahashi, the former artistic director for Issey Miyake, has gone out on his own with a new endeavor. Takahashi's new brand is called Clothing For Contemporary Life (CFCL). The new unisex brand will be debuted in "Volumes."

Rather than presenting seasonal collections, Takahashi will issue garments via e-commerce and continuously update them based on customer feedback. Volume 1 will be made available via the brand's own e-commerce channels in February 2021. In addition, Clothing For Contemporary Life has already picked up 40 retail partners, some of which include Ssense, Isetan, and Galeries Lafayette.

The new collection will include jackets, tops, trousers and dresses made out of computer-developed knitwear using sustainable recycled polyester and regenerated cotton yarn. The fabric choice alone is representative of a new era in the fashion industry.

“We wanted to be sustainable in what we are selling, but also the way we are selling, which is why we didn’t name the collections after seasons,” a spokesperson for CFCL said to Business of Fashion. “Instead we wanted to make it Volume 1, because after Volume 1 we want to communicate with the retailers or with the customers to hear what pieces they liked so we can know whether to keep them for the next collection, or maybe [update them by] changing the colour.”

Yusuke Takahashi