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Zachary Prell marks his return to menswear with the launch of Orchard & Broome

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Orchard & Broome FW24 Collection Credits: Standard Black

Seasoned menswear designer Zachary Prell has returned with the launch of a new brand under the name Orchard & Broome.

The succession to Prell's established eponymous menswear brand, Orchard & Broome is a next-generation knitwear brand firmly wedged at the intersection of streetwear and luxury. Designed in response to an ever-evolving menswear landscape, Prell, who is the co-founder and CEO of the brand, saw the need for new outlooks and perspectives.

Orchard & Broome FW24 Campaign Credits: Standard Black

"The menswear landscape has shifted over the last few years and everyday comfort and exceptional quality became paramount," said Prell to FashionUnited on the launch of Orchard & Broome. "I thought there was a need for a brand with a fresh perspective and sought to create a comfort-centric wardrobe designed to support a wide array of pursuits."

Veteran menswear designer Zachary Prell launches Orchard & Broome

Following a memorable fifteen-year run with his eponymous brand, the label was discontinued during the pandemic, a development that opened the door for Prell to imagine new possibilities. From there, he began working on Orchard & Broome, and for most of 2023, Prell was busy finetuning the brand concept, developing innovative luxury knit fabrics and designing a collection of essentials and sophisticated styles.

Inspired by the energy and dynamic of the Lower East Side of New York City, his previous home for eight years, Prell previously lived on the corner of Orchard & Broome and felt it was the perfect name. "It captures the spirit of the Lower East Side and is a tribute to creativity, innovation and imagination." Notably, all Orchard & Broome styles are named after iconic Lower East Side streets, like the Forsyth suede French terry sweatshirt.

Orchard & Broome FW24 Campaign Credits: Standard Black

"The Lower East Side is a vibrant neighborhood, and it appeals to a diverse demographic," added Prell. "We developed Orchard & Broome’s contemporary collection to resonate with a wide audience of men at different life stages who are living their own unique story in the neighborhood."

The first collection from Orchard & Broome includes a sophisticated knit wardrobe that's well-suited for men's compelling lifestyles. As knitwear is primarily the fabric of choice that Prell himself reaches for on a daily basis, he wanted to reimagine the concept of modern comfort when designing the pieces for Orchard & Broome's collections.

Orchard & Broome offers a "comfort-centric" wardrobe for men

"With this in mind, I established a partnership with global manufacturing leader World Textile Sourcing to develop the collection and created a new knit-inspired modern luxury uniform with week-to-weekend versatility." The brand further sets itself apart through its use of high-quality materials, including superior Peruvian pima cotton and versatile cotton stretch blends.

Orchard & Broome FW24 Collection Credits: Standard Black

The first collection from the brand includes a comprehensive seasonal collection, encompassing a range of items like tees, polos, henleys, shirts, sweatshirts, joggers, pants, shorts, and jackets. Each piece is crafted with distinctive design features, tailored for a contemporary fit and a sleek, minimalist style, and is available in sizes S to XXL. "Orchard & Broome marries signature design elements and innovative finishes with a minimalist aesthetic to differentiate our brand," added Prell.

Orchard & Broome is set to launch seasonal collections throughout the year. The brand is currently available in twenty premier speciality retailers across the US, including Garmany in Redbank, New Jersey, Syd Jerome in Chicago and St. Bernard in Dallas, as well as online at orchardandbroome.com.

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