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Zappos partners with Cotton Inc's Blue Jeans Go Green program

By Robyn Turk


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Zappos is joining the recycled denim bandwagon. The retailer's community outreach program, Zappos for Good, has partnered with Cotton Inc. on the latter's Blue Jeans Go Green program to help consumers recycle denim.

"Recycling denim and reducing textile waste is as easy as 1-2-3 and it's free! Free shipping, to make it accessible for everyone," reads a statement on the Zappos for Good site.

It continues, "By diverting denim away from landfills, where it would otherwise join the millions of pounds of textiles thrown out every year, Cotton's Blue Jeans Go Green program strives to make the world a little greener."

Through the initiative, Zappos offers consumers a three-step process to donate unwanted denim products that will then be turned into insulation. Each a year, a portion of this insulation will be distributed for building efforts across the country.

The simple process offers a free shipping label downloaded from the Zappos website, to send a box of denim weighing no more than 50 pounds to the company. Boxes can be dropped off at any UPS store.

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