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Zara goes sustainable with new Join Life initiative

By Sara Ehlers


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Los Angeles - Although Zara’s recently been under fire for allegations with copyright infringement, it seems the fast-fashion retailer has also been working on other ventures. Recently, the on-trend brand has introduced its newest sustainable collection: Join Life.

The collection features a number of styles including contemporary designs made from sustainable materials. The apparel is made from recycled wool, sustainable Tencel, and organic cotton as cited on Zara’s website. These products are also made with forest friendly and animal friendly materials. “Our goal is for our products to become increasingly more sustainable,” the website states.

Materials used range from organic cotton, Tencel lyocell, and recycled fabrics. Made from products that are both animal friendly and forest friendly. Made from raw materials to reduce environmental impact and protect biodiversity. Analyzed over 800 products in 2015 and carried out 35,000 inspections to ensure health and safety standards. Credits: Zara

The brand’s site also states that its products meet health, safety, and environmental sustainability standards. In addition to offering these new eco-friendly options, the store states that now customers can bring in old clothes for recycling, with the hashtag #joinlife as a motto for this movement.

A fusion of masculine and feminine styles with clean silhouettes and a "mineral-inspired" color palette. Products are made to meet health, safety, and environmental sustainability standards. Bring in old clothes to donate and Zara will collect in containers in stores. Over 300 containers in Spain, Portugal, and selected stores in the UK, Ireland, Holland, Sweden and Denmark. Credits: Zara

Zara introduces eco-friendly clothing with Join Life collection

The Join Life movement also seems to drive Zara into a different direction. On its website under the “Join Life” category, the website states that 84 perecent of the energy that their website consumes comes from “renewable resources that respect the environment.” Also, 50 percent of their stores are already eco-efficient.

50 percent of Zara stores are already eco-efficient. 84 percent of the energy the brand's website consumes comes from renewable, environmentally friendly sourcesCredits: Zara

It seems that Inditex, parent company of Zara, is strengthening its sustainability commitments planning to improve this area in the fashion industry over time. Besides offering clothing that is sustainable, the company seems to be changing its resources and making sure that all processes from its storefronts to its suppliers is also environmentally friendly.

In 2015, over 10,900 audits were carried out to evaluate suppliers. Long-term sustainable supply chain works to have a positive impact on business owners, workers, NGOs, trade unions and goverments. Zara's supply chain respects workers and the environment. Credits: Zara

The plan stated on wateractionplan.com carefully outlines Zara’s Join Life initiative. Developed by the environmental sustainability team at Inditex, the Zara Join Life process shows the necessary steps the company needs to take to lead in sustainability in fashion. Throughout Zara’s website, the brand also carefully outlines each way it's making strides in this direction. Zara’s new sustainable approach could be an honest approach for bettering the environment. How the company will continue to improve in this area remains to be seen.