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Blueberry names stylist Kate Young as a senior advisor

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Kate Young Credits: Blueberry/Kate Young

Female-led digital fashion house Blueberry has announced that celebrity stylist Kate Young, who has dressed Hollywood stars, including Dakota Johnson and Scarlett Johansson, is joining the company as a senior advisor.

In a statement, Blueberry said that Young would bring her expertise in traditional fashion and styling to the digital fashion landscape. Young will provide guidance on trends and support the brand's goal of “innovating and growing the digital fashion space”.

Ashley Hopkins, chief creative officer at Blueberry, said: “This is a huge day for Blueberry and a landmark partnership between the traditional and digital fashion worlds. As we continue to scale our brand, we could think of no one better than the legendary Kate Young to be in our corner.

“Her experience styling the most high-profile celebrities and fashion houses in the world will supercharge everything we do creatively and play a massive role in helping to elevate the Blueberry brand.”

Blueberry spring collection Credits: Blueberry

Digital fashion is worth billions of dollars in sales each year across the largest gaming and social platforms. In Roblox alone, 1.6 billion digital fashion items were bought in 2023, and 56 percent of Gen Z now say styling their avatar is more important to them than styling themselves in the physical world, according to Roblox’s 2023 ‘Digital Expression, Fashion and Beauty Trends’ report.

Compared to traditional fashion, digital fashion enables designers to release products in days as opposed to months and promotes “accessibility over exclusivity,” adds Blueberry.

As a leader in this space for over a decade, Blueberry has sold more than 15 million items and has more than 1 million customers each year. It has active storefronts and communities on platforms, including Roblox, Zepeto and Second Life.

“Digital fashion is an enormous growth opportunity for the traditional fashion world, and I’m thrilled to be partnering with the creative force that is Blueberry,” added Young. “The design freedom and time to market in digital spaces is remarkable, and I’ve been blown away with the quality and diversity of what the Blueberry creative team puts out on a weekly basis. It’s an exciting time for Blueberry and for digital fashion - I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together in the years ahead.”

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