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Deepika Padukone to launch lifestyle brand “rooted in India”

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

9 Sep 2021


Image: courtesy of Deepika Padukone

Indian actress Deepika Padukone is launching a lifestyle brand, with beauty and skincare set to be the first categories.

Padukone, who has more than 100 million social media followers, said that her lifestyle brand will be “rooted in India but will have indispensable global reach and appeal”.

The first products will roll out in 2022, and as well as being influenced by her Indian origins they will also be “backed by science,” according to the press release.

Commenting on the launch, Padukone said in a statement: “India, I believe, has always been positioned uniquely. While we have tremendous access to the rest of the world, we are a country that is rich in values, culture and heritage; something we are extremely proud of.

“Therefore, our endeavour is to build a brand that is rooted in India yet global in its reach and appeal.”