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Ed Razek of Victoria's Secret resigns

By Kristopher Fraser


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Business Insider has reported that Ed Razek, the chief marketing officer of Victoria's Secret parent company L brands and the mastermind behind the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, has resigned. Razek has reportedly been planning to retire since August, as employees learned in a memo sent out by L Brands chairman and CEO Les Wexner.

Razek has been a controversial figure for Victoria's Secret over the past year, doing the company more harm than good. Last year in an interview with Vogue, the executive said he would not want to see transgender models in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, sparking immediate backlash from LGBT groups and organizations.

People have been calling for Razek's resignation since the comments were made, but at the time he declined to step down. In the midst of all this controversy, Victoria's Secret has hired its first openly transgender model. In an era where fashion needs to be more inclusive, the resignation of Razek and the hiring of their first ever transgender model could have pay off.

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