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Eric Pfrunder leaves Chanel

By Kristopher Fraser

13 Jul 2021


Image: Chanel

After 37 years, Eric Pfrunder has left the legendary house of Chanel. Pfrunder was the former right-hand man to Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s famed artistic director, where he oversaw ads, image, and photography.

In February 2019, Pfrunder was named joint artistic director of the house after Lagerfeld’s death. Since then, he has worked alongside creative director Virginie Viard where he helped oversee advertising, marketing, films, events, and digital.

End of an era

Viard continued to gradually expand her influence over photography and image by hiring photographers she favored - it was clear that Pfrunder was slowly stepping back. A spokesperson for Chanel confirmed that Pfrunder officially retired.

Sources say Pfrunder took to retirement two months ago. He began working at Chanel in 1983, and was the first person to suggest to Lagerfeld that he begin shooting the campaigns himself in 1983 after dissatisfaction with a photographer. Pfrunder was present for Lagerfeld’s shoots from then on. Pfrunder recently joined the board of blockchain startup Lukso.