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Important dates in the life of Pierre Cardin


29 Dec 2020

Here are key dates in the life and career of French designer and businessman Pierre Cardin who died on Tuesday aged 98:

- July 2, 1922: He is born in San Biaggio di Callalta, near Venice in northern Italy. His family emigrates to France when he is two.
- 1936: As a teenager he is apprenticed to tailors in the French towns of Saint-Etienne and Vichy. During World War II he works for the Red Cross in Vichy.
- 1945: In Paris he finds work at the Paquin fashion house, hired as a tailor at Christian Dior the following year.
- 1950: Sets up his own fashion house.
- 1954: Creates the now-legendary bubble dress and launches his "Eve" boutique for women, with "Adam" for men opening in 1957.
- 1959: Presents his first ready-to-wear collection.
- 1960s: Starts licensing his designs, the Cardin brand subsequently putting its stamp on hundreds of products from shirts to bottled water and real estate.
- 1964: Launches the "Space Age" collection, a landmark in fashion history.
- 1979: Stages the first show by a Western fashion house in Beijing.
- 1981: Buys upscale Paris restaurant Maxim's, which he turns into an international chain.
- 1991: Becomes the first designer to hold a fashion show in Moscow's Red Square, drawing a crowd of 200,000.
- 2011: Puts his empire up for sale for a billion euros. It fails to sell. - 2016: Marks the 70th anniversary of his career with a fashion show in Paris.
- July 2019: New York's Brooklyn Museum puts on a major retrospective of his career.
- December 29, 2020: Dies at the age of 98.(AFP)