Amancio Ortega, Europe's richest man, became the third-richest person in the world on May 12, passing Mexico's Carlos Slim for the second time this year.

As reported by Bloomberg, the founder of Inditex SA, the world's largest fashion retailer and parent group of Zara, has increased his fortune to 68 billion dollars.

Ortega’s fortune has added 79 percent since March 2012, when the Bloomberg Billionaires Index debuted. Ortega has added 7 billion dollars to his fortune since January, 1.

As highlights figures gathered by Bloomberg, the Spanish fashion tycoon has eclipsed that of the three other richest people on the planet: Mexico’s telecommunications’ tycoon Carlos Slim, and US billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

The four billionaires have personal fortunes totalling 293 billion dollars, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.


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