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Jacques Vert Group appoints Shaun Wills as CEO

By Vivian Hendriksz


Shaun Wills, current chief financial officer at Jacques Vert Group has been named chief executive officer.

He replaces Tim Davies, who was has officially been in the role for less than a year, as Davies first joined the group in February, 2015 as interim transformation director before being named CEO in April 2015. According to Retail Week, Davies is leaving his role at Jacques Vert Group for another retailer, whose name has yet to be disclosed.

Prior to joining the team at Jacques Vert Group, Wills was chief financial officer at SuperGroup. However, Wills was forced to exit his role at SuperGroup in February 2015 after being declared bankrupt following a dispute with HM revenue & customs. He was named CFO at Jacques Vert days after the bankruptcy was overturned in May, 2015, the same month Davies officially took on the CEO position from Teresa Tideman.

Currently owned by Sun Capital Partners, Jacques Vert Group owns seven brands present in the UK, Europe and Canada, including Jacques Vert, Windsmoor and Eastex.

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