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JD.com announces leadership appointments for JD.com and JD Retail

By Prachi Singh

6 Sept 2021


Image: JD.com media resources

JD.com, Inc. has announced the appointment of Lei Xu as president of JD.com, Lijun Xin as CEO of JD Retail and Enlin Jin as CEO of JD Health International Inc.

The company said in a statement that Richard Qiangdong Liu, Chairman and CEO of JD.com, will devote more time to formulate the company’s long-term strategies, mentoring younger management, and contributing to the revitalization of rural areas.

“JD has a sound management structure with a large number of excellent business leaders, who, represented by Lei Xu, have strong belief in JD’s long-term business philosophy, proven leadership capability and extensive industry experience,” said Richard Liu.

JD.com makes senior management changes

In his new role, the company added Lei Xu will be leading the day-to-day operation and collaborative development of various business units of JD.com, and continue to report to the CEO of the company. Xu has been with the company since 2009 and was previously CEO of JD Retail, responsible for the development, operation and strategy of JD.com’s retail business.

Since joining JD.com, Xu has held several leadership roles within the sales and marketing divisions of JD Retail, including head of marketing and branding, head of JD Wireless, and head of platform operations. In the last 12 years since he joined the company, especially since he became CEO of JD Retail in July 2018, Xu has established the business philosophy of “trust-based and customer-centric value creation” and led JD Retail to achieve high-quality growth for three consecutive years.

Lijun Xin joined JD.com in October 2012, and prior to this promotion he served as an executive director and CEO of JD Health. In his role as CEO of JD Health, Xin, the company further said, has successfully established the business from scratch and made significant contribution in making JD Health the “go-to health management platform for everyone in China”. Under his leadership, JD Health has achieved rapid growth and generated valuable returns.

Prior to serving as CEO of JD Health, Xin was in charge of JD.com’s marketplace business, and was subsequently in charge of different business units of JD Retail.

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