In this month's round of fashion industry executive comings and goings, Lorenz Baumer, the artistic director of jewelry at Louis Vuitton, has left his position to focus on his own eponymous brand. While it is quite a shame to see him go, and many are asking who will be responsible for their 500 dollars Louis Vuitton cuffs now, unfortunately, his successor has not been announced yet. On the bright side, fans of Baumer's jewelry will not have to live without his designs.

The gifted artistic director first opened a store for his own label in 2013 on Place Vendome, and by stepping away from Louis Vuitton he will be able to really focus on making his own brand flourish. He will be throwing himself into the growth of his own label after many years working for other luxury companies. In addition to Louis Vuitton, he has previously designed for Chanel.

If you want someone that knows French luxury, Baumer is your man. Despite stepping down from Louis Vuitton this month, due to the long process involved in making jewelry, his designs will still be used for collections that will be released over the next few months. His biggest fans are sure to be the first in line to get their hands on the last ever pieces Baumer may ever work on for Louis Vuitton.

While Baumer may have been the artistic director of jewelry, he has mostly acted as a collaborator since 2013 when the Act V Collection launched and an in-house team began designing the jewelry. Still, he is sure to be missed at Louis Vuitton, but, the jewelry collections shall go on. Who knows what the legendary fashion house may have in store next for their jewelry line.


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