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Missoni appoints Filippo Grazioli as new creative director

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Missoni, Filippo Grazioli

As part of the reorganisation of its creative management team, luxury Italian house Missoni has appointed Filippo Grazioli as its latest creative director.

Grazioli will take on the brand’s men and women’s collections and will supervise the brand image for its lifestyle division. Grazioli will take over from Alberto Caliri who will move on to develop the Missoni Home collection and Missoni Sport, together with Davide Tognetti and supported by Rosita Missoni.

The new creative department plans, made by CEO Livio Proli, were drawn up in accordance with the brand’s shareholders and are designed to enhance Missoni’s decades-old heritage and character.

“The goal is to enhance the ‘total living’ concept…”

In a release on Grazioli’s appointment, Proli said the young designer will be bringing his 18 years of experience to the house and tasked with raising its profile and image in the luxury market as it “further strengthens the modernisation process already initiated”.

Proli continued: “Thanks to these two new appointments, the company, which has already reinforced its management team, is strengthening its foundations for the future. The goal is to enhance the ‘total living’ concept of the brand, which enjoys international fame and respect thanks to the culture and artistic commitment of this family-run business that has been able to construct a unique and distinctive style.”

After 15 years of working under Angela Missoni, Caliri said he was happy with his new position, noting that he could express his passion for architecture within the home category.

The company, which has previously said its senior customers remain a priority, has begun working on its dialogue with the Millennial consumer group, with recent collaborations established to break out of its norm and enter into a new cycle. Collection launches with Palm Angels and Supreme are part of this strategy, as the 69 year-old house continues to look towards its future and a new concept of luxury.

Filippo Grazioli