Nixon president Nancy Dynan on the future of the brand

Earlier this year, Nancy Dynan’s Nixon’s former vice president of marketing, was promoted to the role of president. Dynan originally joined Nixon two years ago as vice president of marketing as part of a new leadership group. She described her transition to the role of president as “seamless.” She managed to find a few moments in her schedule to speak with FashionUnited about her plans for Nixon and navigating a watch brand in a post-coronavirus world.

What are your plans for the brand? Nancy Dynan: We are making some pretty big shifts at the company right now. I’ve been an architect of Nixon’s new business plan since I began with the company. We are looking at building out our direct-to-consumer partners, we are looking for more partners in the digital space, and we are also hard at work on developing new products that will be launched within the next year.

What are some of the new products you have in the works? ND: We have a range of products coming out made from recycled ocean plastic. We have a range of backpacks coming out made from this recycled plastic based on our best-selling watches.

What are some challenges the company is facing operating in a post-coronavirus world? ND: There are both pros and cons to the situation right now. The positive is customers have migrated to online. We were ready for this having built up our e-commerce channels. We have seen solid sales online throughout the lockdown and all. People are looking for more meaningful purchases, so they invest in our watches. The big challenge is retail was shut down. Even our corporate offices were shut down for a few months. We are even shifting our corporate structure to be more digital and work from home friendly. Another thing that came out of COVID was that working from home brought clarity to what we want to be working on going forward.

Nixon has big plans for key markets and marketing

What markets are you all looking to expand in? ND: Nixon has offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, France, and Australia. We are keeping our presence there strong and working on building those markets. North America is still a big market for us. We have a huge presence in Florida, and across the Northeast and West Coast. We are looking at doing more pop-up shops in potential key markets. We are also looking at where would be best to add shop-in-shops in certain big retail stores. New doors can also be expected to open in really strong markets.

Why are North American customers still shopping watches? ND: In times of COVID, there’s a greater need to express individuality. I have this crazy theory we saw a lot more of each other’s lives via zoom calls and everything else. Suddenly, we saw people as more of an individual than we used to. This seems to be aligning with consumer habits. We have been ready for this shift in consumer shopping habits. Nixon is for people who want unexpected details. As people want to express their own individuality, they look for brands like Nixon.

What else is next for the brand? ND: We have a whole new series of products. We have a new ad campaign launching paying homage to the skaters, surfers, snowboarders, and other athletes who have always been part of our brand. We work to make sure our campaigns are super authentic and relatable for our customers.


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