With any business, it's often important to keep things in the family. Patricia Herrera Lansing, one of the daughters of Carolina Herrera, has finally realized the importance of being all in the family. The descendant of the fashion icon has finally joined her mother's company full-time as special projects director.

This will be a brand new position for the company, but, Lansing will not be short on responsibilities. She will be handling projects concerning entertainment, communications, and philanthropic initiatives. Her duties won't be all business, however, she will also be on the creative side of things as well.

Lansing will be collaborating with Herrera's design team to create a red carpet collection that is sure to make buyers go wild. The collection will be launched exclusively for stylists and their client's in their fourth quarter. A former fashion editor for Vanity Fair, Lansing is no stranger to working in the fashion world, being blessed with both her mother's gifted genes for fashion and real world experience.

Adding her daughter to their executive pool is just one way that Carolina Herrera has shown that he has some major plans for the evolution of her namesake label. Last month, Francois Kress joined the luxury fashion label as their CEO. The company has big plans for a global branding strategy, although no key details about how they plan to improve their global branding strategy have been revealed.

After 34 years in the business, Herrera recently recruited legendary fashion photographer Mario Testino for a branding project that will help redefine the visual image of both Carolina Herrera New York and CH Carolina Herrera. In September, there will be a global launch. Currently, they are also working on investing further in retail and digital projects. It's a whole new era for one of the most timeless designers in fashion, and one that is sure to help the fashion house retain its iconic status.


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