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Polimoda appoints An Vandevorst Head of Fashion Design

By Esther Hut



Italian fashion school Polimoda has named An Vandevorst as the new Head of Fashion Design Department. Vandevorst is the successor of Massimiliano Giornetti, who was promoted to director of the academy this year. He continued his work as head of department until the end of the academic year, and now hands over the baton to Vandevorst.

Vandevorst said in a statement: "At a time where most of us have access to all of the answers, it has become important to ask the right questions, to trigger curiosity. What is your passion? What do you want to achieve or abandon in life? We can help students discover what is inside of them and learn how to explore and develop their thoughts and personality."

"In a world of highly advanced technology and (virtual) reality, it is important, now more than ever, to define and distinguish yourself in being creative," continues Vandevorst. "By attracting the right people to the school, we can offer knowledge, experience and skills. These tools are key to a successful career, not only in being a designer but also in translating visions and ideas at the service of a team, a brand or a community, to become one of the key elements of a successful story."

Earlier this month Polimoda appointed Kris Van Assche as the new mentor for the Master in Creative Direction that will start this month.

Vandevorst co-led the iconic fashion label A.F. Vandevorst with Filip Arickx, which closed in February 2020 after 22 years.

Photo: by Polimoda

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