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Rihanna's net worth tops 1.7 billion dollars

By Kristopher Fraser


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Image: lvmh.com

Rihanna’s been putting in that work as she would say. The musician turned entrepreneur Rihanna’s net worth is now 1.7 billion dollars. While Rihanna came to fame for her multiple Billboard chart toppers, her Fenty Beauty cosmetics line and Savage x Fenty lingerie line that have helped her amass her wealth.

Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty line is reportedly worth 270 million dollars, while Fenty Beauty is worth 2.8 billion dollars according to Forbes. The growth of both lines is thanks to the investment and support of luxury conglomerate LVMH. Rihanna currently owns 50 percent of Fenty Beauty and 30 percent of Savage x Fenty.

In Rihanna’s first year with Fenty, the brand’s revenues exceeded 600 million dollars. Savage x Fenty is also considered one of the fastest growing lingerie brands in the business.

Recently, Rihanna’s been building on Fenty Beauty’s success. She launched Fenty skincare and recently launched a genderless Fenty fragrance.