The Tom Tailor Group has announced reorganization of its management structure. The company has streamlined second management level below the management board with six Vice Presidents. This change took effect as of 1 April 2015.

“Establishing a strong, second management level enables us to create short decision-making processes and achieve even shorter response times. In addition, we address the fast-changing environment in our sector. The new level creates clear areas of responsibility and bundles areas of expertise,” said Dieter Holzer, Chief Executive Officer at Tom Tailor Holding.

Four of the six members of the second management level are taking on the function of Brand Vice Presidents. They will each be responsible for a brand and for its cross-channel sales. Prior Chief Product Development & Procurement Officer Daniel Peterburs, as Brand Vice President will be responsible for the brands Tom Tailor Polo Team and Tom Tailor Contemporary as well as for the licensing business. In 2008, he the company from Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf.

In her role as Brand Vice President, Andrea Homann will have responsibility for the Tom Tailor brand. She has been with the company since 2008 and was to date in charge of the Tom Tailor Men. Prior to joining the Tom Tailor Group, she covered several positions in the Home Interior sector. Marlies Schurer will be bundling competencies for Tom Tailor Denim as a Brand Vice President. She has been working for the group since 2007, most recently as Director Retail. Before starting her career at the company, Marlies Schurer has covered management positions at Esprit and Tommy Hilfiger and worked as a freelance entrepreneur for several years.

The Bonita brand will be under the responsibility of Udo Greiser who will, in addition to his role of Brand Vice President, continue his activity as sole Managing Director of Bonita GmbH. Udo Greiser has more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. He joined the management board of the group as Chief Product Development & Procurement Officer in 2012. Since 2014 he is responsible for the Bonita brand.

The two Tom Tailor segments - wholesale and retail will now be combined. In this context, the group created the position of Vice President Global Sales, which will be filled by Marco de Gier, who had joined the group in 2013. To date, he has been in charge of sales in the Benelux countries. He has extensive and in-depth knowledge of the international textile industry and has covered management positions at, among others, Esprit, Mexx and Levi’s.

The group has also introduced the new position of Vice President Digitalization with the aim of gaining greater traction in sales for the ongoing process of digitalization. An appointment will be made to this position over the coming months. The new management team will report directly to Dieter Holzer, Chief Executive Officer. Chief Financial Officer Axel Rebien will continue as a member of the management board. In addition, the company plans to appoint a Chief Operating Officer to the board over the coming months.


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