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Travis Barker named creative director of Clocks + Colours

By Rachel Douglass


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Travis Barker for Barker Wellness. Image: Barker Wellness

Drummer Travis Barker has teamed up with jewellery brand Clocks + Colours to become creative director and collaborator for joint collections.

The Blink 182 star’s new role was unveiled in an Instagram post on the label’s Instagram account, where Clocks + Colours founder, Shane Vitaly Foran, expressed the team’s excitement for the new partnership.

Speaking on the collaboration, Foran said in a post: “Growing up in a small-town as a skate punk meant Travis Barker was a hero not just to me, but to my entire generation as well.

“His zero-f**ks-given attitude had a massive influence on me, and it’s hard to imagine that Clocks + Colours would even exist if it weren’t for him.”

Now coming into its 10th year, the Canadian brand draws inspiration from various subcultures, namely punk, and traditional craftsmanship to create its selection of jewellery.

The label offers a wide range of accessory categories for both men and women, including jewellery, belts, hats and shoes, among others.

To kick off the new partnership, Barker collaborated on a new accessory line, which comes as an extension of Clocks + Colours’ punk-inspired values.

Pieces include a chain link choker necklace, skull ring, safety pin chains and chunky bracelets.

Foran added: “It often feels like this shouldn’t have been possible, but Travis believed in us and what we are doing and so here we are…

“About to roll into our 10th year and doing so in partnership with a living legend and icon. To say we are proud would be an understatement.”