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Vogue Japan loses editor-in-chief

By Kristopher Fraser


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The international editor departures just keep coming at Vogue. Vogue Japan has just lost its editor-in-chief, Mitsuko Watanabe, who announced she was stepping down. Watanabe, who has Vogue Japan’s editor-in-chief since 2008, has joined Priya Tanna of Vogue India, Christiane Arp of Vogue Germany, and Eugenia de la Torriente of Vogue Spain who have also recently exited their editor-in-chief roles at Vogue.

Condé Nast, Vogue’s parent company, has been working on consolidating and streamlining the company. This has resulted in cuts to certain positions and more power being centralized in the New York headquarters.

Prior to joining Vogue, Watanabe worked at Shisedio, Figaro Japan, and Elle Japan. Condé Nast has yet to name her replacement.

Mitsuko Watanabe
Vogue Japan