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Willy Bogner successor named

By Kristopher Fraser

8 Oct 2015

New York - Alexander Wirth has been named COO and Deputy CEO of German ski and sportswear brand Bogner. Wirth, who is the former director of Ralph Lauren Germany will be joining Bogner in the newly created COO position in January 2016. After a handover period, he will be taking over the role of CEO from Willy Bogner.

In addition to his position at Ralph Lauren, Wirth has also worked at Burberry and Rene Lezard.

“I appreciate Bogner as a family business with a great tradition and a lot of substance,” Wirth was quoted saying to WWD. “As a leading provider of exclusive sports fashion, luxury sportswear and designer fashion Bogner is an internationally recognized lifestyle company.”

In 2014, Bogner was searching for a buyer to move ahead with expansion, but, instead, they decided to stick with their own team in their quest for worldwide expansion. Presently, Bogner currently employs 800 employees worldwide, with a presence in 35 countries, and sales off over 660 million dollars. Bogner's brands include Sônia Bogner, Bogner, Bogner Fire + Ice, as well as licenses for jeans, ski equipment, watches and shoes.