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A third of Christmas shoppers yet to start their holiday shopping

By Vivian Hendriksz

9 Dec 2016


With 15 days left until the big day, some consumers are likely to have already completed all their holiday shopping, but new data indicates that a third of UK shoppers have yet to start working on their Christmas lists.

This may be enough to set some people's hearts racing, as research from Retail Economics also shows that 27 percent of shoppers also intend to spend more this Christmas. However, this group is outweighed by 33 percent of 2,000 survey respondents who aim to spend less this holiday season.

The Retail Economic Christmas Panic Index showed that 42 percent of shoppers were completely relaxed about finishing their Christmas shopping on time, with only 5 percent feeling 'panic stricken'. However, this amount is likely to increase the closer its gets to Christmas. 40 percent of consumers still have to buy presents for their significant other as well.

Close to three quarters of the UK shoppers questioned plan on completing some of their remaining shopping online, with 12 percent aiming on doing all their holiday shopping online. Unsurprisingly most of these consumers will not be leaving the fate of their Christmas presents in their delivery man hands, with 60 percent of those shopping online using click-and-collect.

"Shoppers remain calm about completing their Christmas shopping on time despite a third who have yet to buy any presents with just over two weeks remaining before the big day," commented Richard Lim, Chief Executive, Retail Economics. "The winners this Christmas will be the retailers providing a seamless omni channel proposition with three quarters of consumers intending to do some of their remaining shopping online."

"A staggering 60 percent said that they will use click-and-collect to complete some of their online orders. The retailers that can execute click-and-collect conveniently for their customers not only benefit from their loyalty but also drive shoppers back into their stores which inevitably leads to more impulse buying."

Photo: Courtesy of Harvey Nichols