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Ara Vartanian opens flagship in Miami

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Ara Vartanian

Brazilian luxury jewellery brand Ara Vartanian has opened its first flagship store in Bal Harbour, Miami, as it continues to focus on North American expansion.

The flagship will serve as the primary point of sale for Ara Vartanian in the US, as the luxury brand looks to create a name for itself within the US market. The store will offer a “brand-curated experience,” giving American consumers access to some of Vartanian's most iconic jewellery designs and new pieces, which will be exclusive to the Bel Harbour flagship.

In a statement, Ara Vartanian said: “What we learned with the pandemic was that having better conditions in your life is a very important issue for our daily life today. This happened in the United States, there was a very strong migration of both East and West costs to Miami, and we thought that Miami was the ideal place for our international expansion to open our flagship in the USA.

“We talked to Bal Harbour, a reference of luxury in the world, and one of the main shopping centres in the United States, and we had a very good and positive response. And so we took on to this challenge.”

The brand added that they plan to implement the same strategy with their US presence as they do with their jewellery “to grow naturally when the time feels right”.

“We are an independent brand that has grown organically, respecting the time of our jewellery, which is all handmade. Following this thought, our focus now is Miami,” added Vartanian. “After we are well consolidated we will start thinking about the future and possible new expansions, but in our own time.”

The jeweller added: “Ara Vartanian is a brand with Brazilian roots but with eyes to the world. Our first store outside of Brazil was in London. We had wholesale in different regions of the US, China, Europe, Lebanon, and in other important hubs around the world, so little by little we will continue our expansion in a sustainable way.”

Ara Vartanian