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Asda unveils branding refresh as part of wider strategy

By Rachel Douglass


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Asda's summer 2024 campaign, 'Serious About Summer'. Credits: Asda.

Supermarket giant Asda has revealed a new brand identity and logo as part of a wider strategy that looks to take consumers’ preferences and perspectives into account.

Executed following “extensive customer research”, Asda has updated its logo, typography and colour palette to reflect traits imposed on the retailer outlined in the survey’s results, including “light-hearted”, “northern”, “humour” and “warmth”.

As such, the company has added a dark green hue behind its renowned lighter green, which continues to be used on the ‘Asda’ text. The new identity also involves the inclusion of updated ‘stickers’, used to showcase Asda’s range of offers throughout its stores in a more creative way.

The final version of the brand refresh will be present across TV, social media, press executions, CRM and Asda’s website, as well as a new summer campaign, led by the recently appointed chief customer officer David Hills and VP of marketing, Adam Zavalis.

The campaign, dubbed ‘Serious About Summer’, comes in the form of a series of tongue-in-cheek TV ads that will each present a unique theme representing summer staples, including BBQs, Sports Day and ‘midweek meals’, all of which hope to resonate with the customer.

In a release, Hills added: “The launch of our new brand identity is a milestone moment in the evolution of our strategy. Our brand has tremendous heritage and is much loved by the Great British public.

“We hope this new look and feel will help us stand out in the grocery market - bringing to life our personality and reigniting the strong emotional connection customers have for the Asda brand.”

George at Asda