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Asos announces 'Collusion – a new affordable brand for the coming age’

By Prachi Singh


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Asos Plc has announced a new-to-market label Collusion to be launched globally on October 1, 2018. Collusion is ‘for the coming age, shaped by, and for, an audience who demand something different from the fashion industry’, accoring to a statement. Asos said that the label will launch with a national campaign, capturing 100 young people living in Britain who have turned, or will turn, eighteen this year.

Asos added in its statement that for the past year, six young people including students, stylists, activists, image-makers, authors and YouTubers have been working to shape the new fashion line. “Each with their own influential online voices and diverse followings – have taken the label to places it could never have gone alone. The result is Collusion; a new-to-market fashion proposition anchored by the ideals of collaboration, inclusivity and experimentation,” Asos said.

Asos to launch 'Collusion' on October 1

Collusion is designed by the first contingent of the six youngsters in collaboration with a team of standalone designers and creative assembled by Asos, each industry expert in affordable fashion. Their brief was to realize an authentic, vibrant wardrobe which speaks directly to themselves and their Gen-Z peers.

The national campaign with a line-up of British creatives led by director Dan Emmerson and photographer Tom Sloan, featuring 100 young people, Asos further said, are asked a simple question: “What do you wish for, in the year you come of age?” So the work becomes a group portrait and visual census of Britain's youth at a unique moment in time.

Asos added that the company will reveal more details – including the line-up of Collusion collaborators soon.

Photo: courtesy of Asos