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Asos expands face and body offering with Lush

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: courtesy of Asos/Lush

Lush has joined Asos, selling a select range of its handmade heroes and signature shampoo bars, as the online retailer continues to expand its face and body offering.

Asos is selling 21 Lush items including 17 product kits covering hair, skin, face and bath, as well as four shampoo bars, with prices starting at 8 pounds.

In addition, Asos have an exclusive all-new bath bomb duo set, a limited-edition fizzing bath bomb, infused with mood-boosting scents of sharp Sicilian red mandarin, earthy patchouli and toning cedarwood oil, alongside fan-favourite Intergalactic for 10 pounds.

Other highlights include the ‘Best Before Bed Bathing Duo’ for 12 pounds featuring a deep sleep bath bomb and sleepy bubble bar, the ‘Best for a Clear Face’ set at 19 pounds that uses natural ingredients to soothe, hydrate and brighten skin, and the ‘Best Mascara Ever’ set for 16.50 pounds combining the Lush Lashes Lengthening Mascara with its Ultrabland Cleanser.

Each product will also feature a Lush code, which customers can scan using the Lush app to learn more about the ingredients, benefits and use.

Asos has been driving forward its face and body offering, looking to becoming a one-stop destination for skincare, haircare, makeup, tanning and “everything in between”. The area is a key growth category for the online retailer following record growth of 114 percent in the six months to February 28, 2021.

Image: courtesy of Asos/Lush