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Barnardo's launches first designer ‘boutique' charity store

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

28 Nov 2017


Children’s charity Barnardo’s has reopened its store on Marylebone’s George Street as its first designer boutique-style store following a two-week refurbishment.

It is the only Barnardo’s shop in the UK to be fitted out as a showcase for designer clothes, accessories and gold and silver jewellery.

The store design features clean lines, subdued lighting, uncluttered rails, and display cabinets, as well as improved shop windows and special signage to help create a “luxurious feel”, which it hopes will increase its appeal among the top-end boutiques of Marylebone High Street and Marylebone Lane.

Store manager Eduardo Martins said: “We have a really good understanding of designer labels and what shoppers are looking for. People know that Barnardo’s is a really good cause and when they donate goods to us, they’re confident that we’ll get the best value from reselling each item.

“I became the manager two years ago and since then the team and I have been pushing forward with our vision. I’m so happy that Barnardo’s is backing us with this new format and we’re able to go even further.”

Roy Clark, Barnardo’s director of retail and trading, added: “Our redesigned Marylebone store is a stunning success that only enhances the retail environment in this luxurious pocket of London, and everyone involved should be very proud.

“Of course, it’s not just about designer clothes and accessories. Every time someone buys or donates something through a Barnardo’s shop, they’re helping to fund our work in more than 1,000 services throughout the UK, building stronger families, safer childhoods and positive futures for those who urgently need our support.”

Barnardo’s Marylebone store is located at 7 George St, Marylebone in London.

Images: courtesy of Barnardo’s