Bimba y Lola & El Ganso launch London Pop-ups

London - Although some may worry international retailers have been scared away from entering the UK post-Brexit, the lure of London still holds sway for fashion retailers.

Spanish fashion retailers Bimba y Lola and El Ganso have turned their focus to expanding their international presence by opening their respective pop-up stores in London this month, ahead of the festive season.

Bimba y Lola & El Ganso launch London Pop-ups

El Ganso opened its debut pop-up store on Marylebone High Street 110 on Tuesday. Spanning more than 200 square meters, the pop-up is set to run for the next three months and will offer the brand’s complete collections for men, women and children as well as footwear. The pop-up is said to mark the Spanish retailers ongoing commitment to boosting its international presence, in particular in the UK, and sits alongside of the brands current store portfolio in London, where it counts four stores: Carnaby, Neal Street, King’s Road and Westfield.

El Ganso’s pop-up is joined by Spanish womenswear label Bimba y Lola, which launched a pop-up store in London’s West End. The two-floor store, located at 80 Regent Street, will also feature the brands full apparel range as well as its accessories and will be open until the new year. The pop-up confirms the womenswear brand’s ongoing commitment to the UK market, where it currently operates seven standalone stores, including one in London’s Westfield shopping centre and one on Marylebone High Street.

Bimba y Lola & El Ganso launch London Pop-ups

Bimba y Lola currently counts 223 stores around the world in 17 countries, with 145 stores in Spain, followed by 16 stores in Mexico and 12 in Portugal. El Ganso, founded in 2004, counts 166 stores across 10 countries, including France, Portugal, Chile and Mexico.

Photos: Bimba y Lola and El Ganso pop-ups


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