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Black Friday: Most UK shoppers would wait longer for green deliveries

By Huw Hughes

26 Nov 2020


Half of UK shoppers would be willing to wait longer to receive an online order if they knew it would be delivered in a sustainable way, new research suggests.

That compares to 38 percent of Germans who would be willing to wait longer for greener delivery, according to research by Ford.

For those in the UK, 58 percent would prefer their packages to be delivered using electric-powered vehicles, compared to 54 percent of Germans.

And people would even be willing to pay extra, with 28 percent of UK respondents and 21 percent of Germans saying they’d splash out more for more energy-efficient deliveries.

According to Ford, there are more than 32 million vans on Europe’s roads. The automaker has begun introducing electrified versions of its vans for businesses in Europe – part of its more than 11.5 billion dollar investment in electrifying its vehicle range.

Other delivery companies like UPS, DPS and Amazon have also been ramping up their sustainable options in recent months by introducing electric delivery vans to their fleets.

Online orders have soared this year as people who would usually shop in person have been forced to buy online due to worldwide store closures.

Black Friday this week is only going to add to that demand, with recent research by Money.co.uk forecasting purchases during the sales bonanza to increase by at least seven percent this year compared to 2019.

Photo credit: Bruce Mars, Pexels

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