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Boohoo launches new Dorothy Perkins, Wallis and Burton websites

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: courtesy of Astound Commerce

Boohoo has launched new websites for newly acquired Dorothy Perkins, Wallis and Burton brands in just nine weeks in partnership with digital agency, Astound Commerce.

Following the purchase of the three brands in February 2021, Astound Commerce, the retailers’ retained digital implementation partner since 2016, worked collaboratively with the Boohoo team to launch digital commerce platforms, capable of supporting the businesses’ expansion and integration goals.

To support the retailers’ strategic needs, each website has been implemented on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, using a custom ‘reference application,’ which allows multiple brands and locations to leverage the central code base.

A solution, systems integrator, Astound Commerce states allow Boohoo to launch new sites swiftly, typically new brands and locales can be launched in weeks rather than months or years.

Laura McKellar, head of technology – digital, online innovation and marketing at Boohoo, said in a statement: “Our business requires us to adapt to the constantly shifting needs of its customers whilst staying competitive in a growing market. All too often technology can be the main bottleneck to growth.

“Our partnership with Astound has been crucial to our ability to achieve the pace required to keep up with its ever-evolving business needs, as evidenced by the speed and agility with which we have collaboratively launched these three new sites.”

Image: courtesy of Astound Commerce

Each website has been integrated with third-party technology, including customer data platform, Exponea, recently acquired by Bloomreach, to enable connected customer experiences and Apple Pay and PayPal to provide frictionless payments and deliver an optimised customer experience on the new platform.

Terry Hunter, chief executive of Astound Commerce, added: “In today’s volatile trading conditions, the Astound commitment to scaling up to meet the needs of our clients is more important than ever - allowing our partners to achieve the pace and agility required to keep up with their ever-evolving business needs.”

Image: courtesy of Astound Commerce
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