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Brandlab signs over 200 brands

By Vivian Hendriksz

3 May 2017


London - BrandLab, a new innovative online platform for wholesale fashion has already signed over 200 brands varying from emerging brands to large international labels, underlining the need for a revolutionary platform in the industry.

With up to 15 new brands signing on each week, BrandLab is seen as one of the fastest growing online wholesale platforms.The new wholesale platform, which is free for brands to join, helps fashion brands boost their sales by giving them direct access to thousands of global buyers. BrandLab also provides brands with the right tools to take professional photographs and videos of their collections and helps in creating personalised marketing content on social media.

BrandLab also offers brands the opportunity to have their products featured in live catwalk shows which are broadcast on the first streaming wholesale buying channel, BrandLab TV. This free streaming service lets buyers see how each garment looks like when worn and offers them the chance to purchase said looks directly from the shows. The wholesale platform is designed to streamline the buying experience as it also includes an integrated payment system. After buyers sign up for free they are able to browse through the entire fashion inventory and order their favourite clothes and accessories from different brands with one simple payment.

“Through a huge technology investment, our unique platform provides a robust solution to many of the age-old problems in wholesale fashion” said CEO Jennifer Drury. “Wholesale fashion is changing, and for many years, it’s been clear that a solution was needed for issues in the wholesale market." BrandLab aims to sign an additional 500 brands within the next nine months.

Photos: COurtesy of BrandLab