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Brits leave 228 million pounds worth of click-and-collect goods unclaimed

By Huw Hughes


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British shoppers left 228 million pounds worth of click-and-collect items unclaimed last year, according to new research.

While nine in ten retailers say click-and-collect is the fastest growing delivery option, one in seven shoppers admit to clicking but not collecting their parcels, research from Barclaycard - which processes nearly half of the nation’s credit and debit card transactions - has revealed.

Click-and-collect, which offers shoppers the option to buy items online and pick them up in store, is being used by more than seven in ten Brits (71 per cent), who select the option twice a month on average. Despite that, 15 percent of shoppers admit to not collecting purchases in store.

So why are Brits leaving their items unclaimed? One in three who failed to pick up an item say the click-and-collect process is a ‘hassle’, preferring instead to wait for a refund before re-ordering with home delivery. Long wait times (25 percent), poorly staffed collection points (25 percent), struggling to find the designated click-and-collect area (17 percent), and having to pay for the service (15 percent), were other reasons cited by shoppers.

One in two shoppers say they would pick up more parcels in-store if merchants rewarded click-and-collect customers with special offers or experiences.

The benefits of click-and-collect

There is certainly a case to be made for improving the click-and-collect service. Surveyed retailers estimate they could save over 178,500 pounds each year across delivery, packaging, returns and restocking costs, if more customers choose this option. Additionally, 89 per cent of merchants offering the service have seen footfall increase over the past two years.

Kirsty Morris, director at Barclaycard Payment Solutions, said in a statement: “Click-and-collect is a win-win for both retailers and consumers. Brands have the opportunity to not only increase the number of shoppers through their doors but also to reduce costs and returns, while generating revenue from ‘click-and-collectors’ purchasing additional items in-store.

“Enhancing the click-and-collect experience is a potentially lucrative way for retailers to ward off the unprecedented challenges of the high street and bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping.”

In a bid to demonstrate how click-and-collect services can be improved, Barclaycard teamed up with European sports retailer Decathlon to create a microclimate experience for hiking fans at the latter’s Surrey Quays store.

Christian Baggaley, head of operations at Decathlon UK, commented: “We have seen a real increase in the number of shoppers opting to use click-and-collect since 2017 and are constantly looking at ways to make the overall shopping experience better for our customers.”

Photo credit: Rawpixel.com

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