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‘By Appointment’ shopping app to assist retailers post-Covid

By Anna Zwettler


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Early July will see the launch of the new ‘By Appointment’ app, which will assist retailers in reopening their stores and help consumers shop with confidence.

The free app was created by hospitality and IT development experts Charles Smith and Adam Batten, and will offer “valuable benefits” to retailers, consumers, the police and local authorities in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

After registering on the ‘By Appointment’ app, shoppers will be able to book, cancel and reschedule store appointments, monitor and join real-time virtual queues to avoid physically standing in a line, search for stores by category, map their shopping route, make use of contactless store check-in and out, monitor store capacity, participate in Covid-19 self-certification checks and communicate with stores.

“The app will revolutionize the way retailers operate and consumers shop in the post-lockdown world,” said Charles Smith, co-founder of ‘By Appointment’, in a statement. “Installing confidence and enhancing shopping experience will help get people back in-store and the economy back on its feet.”

Retailers, who can partake in a free ‘By Appointment’ subscription for the first year, can benefit from the ability to personalize the app on a store-by-store basis, schedule customer appointments, administer Covid-19 pre-screening checks, offer contactless checking in and out by using door hosts and QR codes, facilitate real-time management of in-store numbers, identify and communicate with in-store shoppers and deliver consumer data analytics to maximize strategic omnichannel marketing.

Photo Credit: By Appointment

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