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Consumers not satisfied with shopping experience

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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According to a new report into UK buying habits, almost 75 percent of UK consumers are “dissatisfied” with some aspect of the shopping experience, with a third finding shopping to be far less enjoyable than it was five years ago.

These findings in the Unfaithful Consumer report, commissioned by Webloyalty and carried out by retail research agency Conlumino, could have significant consequences for retailers as large numbers of consumers are “threatening defection”, with the clothing sector experiencing 31.4 percent of potential defections and footwear 38.9 percent.

Topping the list of factors that would trigger the defection of 57 percent of shoppers is rudeness from staff members. Followed by poor quality items (44 percent), dirty stores (42.5 percent), large price increases (40 percent) and being regularly more pricey than alternatives (34 percent) round up the top 5 reasons that might drive shoppers away from a retailer.

The reason is that consumers today are now spoilt for choice and retailers need to work harder to respond to shoppers wants and needs. For instance in the clothing sector, only 14 percent of consumers in 2005 used three or four channels and touchpoints to do their shopping compared to almost 50 percent in 2015.

According to the report, the areas UK retailers should focus on to boost customer retention include transforming online and in-store destinations, and making them more engaging and exciting to ensure a positive customer experience. Retailers are also encouraged to innovate using the technology, focus on value for money, and invest in service.

Webloyalty Northern Europe managing director Guy Chiswick, said: “Consumers are just not enthused anymore and this isn’t due to a lack of choice or variety because the retail space is more crowded than ever. It is the increased frequency and the ease with which we buy things that has led to boredom.

“Shoppers want to be incentivised, inspired, entertained and they’re actively looking for newness for a memorable shopping experience. Retailers need to innovate and make the most of the technology that’s available to bring the fun back into shopping. There is great potential in areas like gamification, beacon-based geolocation programs, and online communities for example, which offer new ways to shop.”