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Customer experience 'Villa Zegna': A temporary flax field in Shanghai

By Ole Spötter


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Zegna ambassadors Wu Lei (left) and Mads Mikkelsen (right) Credits: Zegna

Zegna has unveiled a new temporary customer experience in Shanghai that goes beyond a simple pop-up concept. The 'Villa Zegna' was inspired by Ermenegildo Zegna's original house in the Oasi Zegna - a nature reserve in the northern Italian region of Piedmont - the fashion brand of the same name announced on Friday. The founder had more than half a million trees planted in the 1930s and built a road connecting both sides of the mountain landscape in the area.

The temporary concept, which is only open to invited guests for one week and will then be presented in a customised form in other markets, is based on the associated manifesto: "The second-best thing we do is clothing. The first is Oasi Zegna". This was presented as part of the book launch for 'Born in Oasi Zegna' at Milan Design Week in April. The statement centres on the fact that 'Oasi Zegna' is more than just a place, but also a way of thinking that stands for social and ecological awareness.

Flax field of the 'Villa Zegna' in Shanghai Credits: Zegna
'Villa Zegna’ in Shanghai Credits: Zegna

Based on this, a three-storey complex was designed in Shanghai on Middle Huaihai Road, a lively neighbourhood, with furnishings inspired by the Italian fashion house's SS24 show. Visitors can walk through a field of flax, the basis for linen, which plays an important role for Zegna and this collection in particular. However, this installation is also intended to illustrate Zegna's approach to traceability, as the fashion house has committed to certifying its 'Oasi Lino' fibre as fully traceable since this year.

On the top floor there is a lounge where selected guests can experience exclusive products that are not available in stores in a "customised shopping spree". In addition to shopping, Villa Zegna also has its own café.

'Villa Zegna’ in Shanghai Credits: Zegna
'Villa Zegna’ in Shanghai. Credits: Zegna

This article originally appeared on FashionUnited.DE. Translation and edit by: Rachel Douglass.

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