Denham launches exclusive Jason Denham Collection

British designer Jason Denham has launched a new, exclusive collection of iconic denim pieces and every day ‘wardrobe essentials’ for men and women in honor of the 10 year anniversary his denim label Denham.

Entitled the Jason Denham collection, the collection reflects its founder’s passion for well-made, timeless pieces. Crafted from premium materials imported from the UK and Italy, the range includes heritage pieces from Denham which have been updated and give a modern twist. “The Jason Denham Collection is a celebration of iconic styles that can be mixed-and-matched for everyday versatility,” said founder and chief creative director Jason Denham.

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The new collection launch is a way to celebrate how far the brand has come over the past 10 years as well as a way to extend its men's and women's collections. "It’s a bit more of mature of a collection," he explained during a dinner marking the collection’s debut. “To me everything starts with jeans. This collection starts with jeans. What we did here, is find a mill in England, that is making beautiful English selvedge fabric. I thought I got to do a jeans that is made in England, just like me.”

Denham launches exclusive Jason Denham Collection

The collection is built around jeans. The mens line features two selvedge denim styles and the women offered two key denim styles: a girlfriend fit and a skinny fit. In addition to jeans, the collections also feature cashmere pullovers, cashmere and wool blend outerwear as well as t-shirts. Although Denham official 10 year anniversary is in January, its founder wanted to launch the new range in the newly opened Jason Denham store, on Prinsengracht in Amsterdam.

The brand will continue to celebrate it 10 year anniversary throughout 2018 with special collaboration launches as well as exclusive events.

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